Our products

People ask us why our salami has a fresh, appetising flavour or why our hams are tender and tasty… or even, why our dry-salted meat specialities are so delicious. We cannot reveal all our secrets, but Pavoncelli products taste so good because they originate from an almost 120-year old family tradition: we carefully select the meats and we treat them with great respect, leaving them all the time they require to create cured meats of the best Italian quality every day.

Pavoncelli Product Range

The main Pavoncelli product range proposes cooked hams, cured meats, roast meats and other gourmet specialities that distinguish themselves for their top quality raw materials. These are delicious, genuine cured meats with an authentic taste, with no added polyphosphates, lactose-free and dairy-free.

Pav.Er Product Range

Pav.er cured meats and specialities are the ideal choice for all catering professionals and operators who are seeking the taste of authentic products and quality guaranteed… at a price for real connoisseurs.

Contract & Industry Product Range

The industrial format product range has been specially designed to fulfil the need for a quality product to be sliced on dedicated production lines. Zero waste and all the Pavoncelli quality guaranteed by a certified production method.